From the most humble of beginnings to being a top motivational speaker …

Jillian Haslam has the Irrepressible Mind


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Jillian Haslam, born in Calcutta to British parents in post-colonial India, faced a bruising childhood of extreme poverty, malnutrition and disease. She survived though four siblings did not, but she still suffered terrible hunger and some appalling instances of racist abuse.

Her rise from the depths of despair and misery to be an internationally recognised speaker, coach and, through her  Remedia Trust, a dedicated philanthropist, is an inspirational story of vindication and coming home.

Jillian’s is an amazing tale of a gritty climb to success and recognition by honours. It would have been very easy to let the circumstances of her childhood embitter her or negatively impact her life in other ways, but that is not what Jillian did. Instead, she decided to turn that adversity into something good.

As a truly inspirational speaker, she now uses her experiences and motivational stories to inspire others to face their fears, overcome them and achieve higher levels of success and happiness in their lives.

In other words, she provides the shoulders that others can use to rise higher, both professionally and personally, as they shrug off their baggage and escape from their fears.

In helping others build their Irrepressible Mind, Jillian understands that everyone’s situations and circumstances are very different – ‘one size fits all’ solutions do not work. To meet this highly varied ‘demand’, she set out to understand how the mind works and how positive or negative neurological pathways lead to our success … or failure.

Jillian is a qualified NLP Trainer from the Institute of Integrative Psychology, USA, a qualified coach with a distinction, and has completed numerous courses and training programs in the study of neurology and the human mind. In doing this she wanted to prove she could help herself before she attempted to help others.

In simple terms, Jillian’s approach is to advocate that understanding how each thought, each neurological connection and each neurological pathway can lead to our success. It’s about explaining or presenting that in easy terms so that people can put that into practice and help themselves to take action in implementing the goals they set themselves.

Jillian does not just tell people what to do, she actually shows them how our inner mechanisms work and how to do it themselves. This is what makes her so sought after.

Get motivated to take action in your own life!

It’s easy to get comfortable in life and not pursue anything more because of a fear of failing. Why go outside our comfort zone, we think, if things are good right here where we are. Or maybe if things are bad, we think they could always be worse or that we don’t deserve better.

As one of today’s best motivational speakers Jillian puts an end to that type of thinking, inspiring her audience to take action – just as she has done.

From those humble beginnings, Jillian has worked in banking, as coach and trainer, speaker and author. From the time she worked as the President of Bank of America’s Charity Network in India she became a dedicated philanthropist and now runs five charities alongside her six businesses. She has also helped her family in thought, word and deed.

So what could you do with the right inspiration and guidance? Could you improve your work performance, increase your income, become happier and more content?

Schedule Jillian today as the motivational business speaker of choice for your organisation and see for yourself how much a freshly energized workforce can increase efficiency and boost profits. Get the ‘Jillian effect’ into your organisation and you cannot help but boost your employee engagement.

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