IMPACT Course Series: How to Find Your Voice

Take Charge of Your Business and Master the Art of Presenting it in the Best Light


You’re a smart, accomplished, successful business person or entrepreneur. You got there through hard work, commitment, and a refusal to quit.

But there’s one critical business skill they don’t teach you in school, and that hardly anyone in the professional sphere has mastered:

How to effectively engage an audience during a business presentation or meeting.

We’ve all sat through seminars taught by luminaries and leaders in our fields, whose presentations have about as much excitement as a ceiling tile. The same tile you keep staring at, waiting for this boring presentation to be over.

The scary thought is, if you were up there presenting about your business or industry – would it be any better?

It should be.

Accelerate Your Career.
Increase Your Opportunities

Take the One-Day Business
Presentation Training Course:

How to
Find Your Voice

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A business presentation ought to be as successful as the business aspires to be. If you have a product that will change the industry, you should talk like it!

But too often, business presenters sound little better than the speeches given at graduation ceremonies. Perfunctory. Corny. Dry. Filled with clichés and poor attempts at being profound. Their slides are almost unreadable, their voices monotone, their body language stiffer than a hard drink with no ice.

Live presentations are your single best opportunity to inspire people, rally them around a common purpose or goal, motivate them, and rejuvenate their performance. They’re also one of the most effective places to make sales, if that’s your goal.

Challenge Yourself to Find Your Voice for Business Presentations

Every business presentation can be engaging and empowering. No topic demands boredom.

In this one-day business training course on How to Find Your Voice, you will learn:

  • How to never again be afraid, nervous, or stressed in front of an audience
  • The foundation of all great presentations – being yourself
  • How to read an audience
  • Secrets of body language – how to use all 5 senses
  • Vocal strategies that sustain attention and engage the listeners
  • The surprising truth about making eye contact with an entire audience
  • Advanced techniques of persuasion
  • Capitalizing on your strengths and skills – knowing what you can and cannot do
  • And so much more

Knowing how to present your business is the single best way to engage your audience and get your message accords .

People who know how to present make more money.
They get promoted faster and more often. Doors of opportunity that are closed to everyone else open up for them. Sales increase. Authority and credibility get supercharged.

Mastering the skill of business presentations has no downside.

You become more confident. You take more ownership of your life and career. Things that used to seem hard will seem more attainable.

In other words, this changes everything.

Are you ready to learn the one skill that everyone needs but few take the time to master?

Then sign up for Jillian Haslam’s one-day training course – How to Find Your Voice


How to Find Your Voice is taught by Jillian Haslam, an award-winning entrepreneur, motivational and business speaker, author, and philanthropist. Jillian is a member of the following organizations:

  • Professional Speaking Association
  • Celebrity Speakers Association
  • National Speakers Association
  • Global Speakers Federations

“Jillian’s talk was engaging, captivating, and the feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive.”

-Tara Clarke, Bank of England


“Hello Jillian
They were absolutely right to ask you to close the Women in Leadership Global conference. I asked to get your keynote from the Organizer. They will send it later in the week. Hope you put the details of the training you mentioned! I am eager to know more. I am sure we will meet again soon. Thank you very much.”

-Tara Yip, Head Human Resources,, Swissquote Bank, Switzerland


“The following morning my inbox was flooded with praise and gratitude from women that were in attendance! Jillian does not ‘just motivate’, she inspires. She does not ‘just talk’, she lives and breathes her vision of changing the world for the better. Hire Jillian to talk at your event. Seek opportunity to hear her keynote speech. Read her book. Do it now! She will change your life forever.”

-Lenka Lutonska, Advantage Woman Conference


She has been honoured with the Asian Woman of the Year Award, the True Legend Award, and the Mother Teresa Memorial International Award.

She has spoken to leading businesses and universities including the Bank of England, Nova Nordisk, McDonald’s, Sheffield Hallam University, Kings College London, and Cambridge.

And she has appeared in media outlets spanning the globe such as the BBC, Channel 5, The Independent, and the Times of India.

If you want to learn how to deliver presentations that everyone remembers, click the button below and take charge of your career.


Besides this one, I offer three other one-day business training courses.