IMPACT Course Series: Business Storytelling

How to Use Storytelling to Position Your Business as a Category of One


The secret to connecting with customers so you can sell more, and sell at higher prices, is to master the art of business storytelling.

Storytelling is a great tool for businesses to communicate complex or sensitive ideas or concepts to their customers or suppliers. Mastering this skill will give you the inside track on being able to communicative easily and effectively.

Selling a product or service is more than just convincing someone why they need it. This is not just a transaction or a decision based purely on logic. Buying is emotional and human. There’s a subconscious element. You must learn how to win people over with more than just graphs, numbers, features, or even ‘lowest prices.’

You do this by learning how to use a story as the defining feature of your sales process.

Attract Customers Who
Stay with You for Years

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Business Storytelling

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More than any other sales device, storytelling has the potential to persuade, motivate, and excite people about working with you.

Once you’ve mastered the ability of storytelling to customers and investors, and your sales have leapfrogged the competition and your business has enlarged, you can also use storytelling to inspire fierce loyalty even among your employees.

The Business Storytelling Training will supercharge your potential to launch your business to new heights. You, your products, and your services, can become the most sought-after, in-demand force of business in your industry or niche

Business Storytelling is taught by Jillian Haslam, who has used her own story and storytelling to launch multiple businesses, create new opportunities, produce books and an in-development Hollywood film, get press coverage, and win numerous awards. Her most prestigious awards include the Mother Teresa Memorial International Award, Asian Woman of the Year, Eminent Writer Award, and the True Legend Award.

 What You’ll Learn:

  • How to write a book and get it to the top
  • The art of persuasion – what you want your audience to do
  • 5 strategies for how to tell a story
  • Storytelling structure – finding the impact in your story
  • The 5 C’s of a story well told – circumstance, curiosity, characters, conversations, conflict
  • How to engage your audience through their senses
  • Why leadership storytelling matters

Are you ready to accelerate your career through business storytelling?
Are you excited to watch as it multiplies your business success and growth?
Are you going to use it to differentiate your business and break free of the competition? 

“Jillian used her own moving story to provide advice on how we can all achieve what we were born to do, using some simple steps, starting with realising what your strengths are and overcoming perceived weaknesses. ”

-Tara Clarke, Bank of England


“Jillian did an amazing job of linking her personal story and experience to the business context that [we] encounter on a daily basis. The power of Jillian’s approach is that it can talk to any background, culture, or experience.”

-Silvere Aubriot, Novo Nordisk , Denmark


“Her determination for a better life helped her rise above the horrific circumstances and made her a successful business woman with a truly inspirational story.”

-Live with Gabby Logan, Channel 5


“A much sought after motivational speaker whose inspirational story finds many takers across the globe.”  

-The Telegraph, May 2019


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Course Bonus: When you attend this course, you get the How to Tell Your Story book free.

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