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If you’re looking for a mentor because you already understand the powerful role such a person will play in your life, I’ve got good news:

You’re already many steps ahead of just about everyone else around you. The fact you’re here today, actively seeking a mentor and business coach, puts you in a rarefied group of great men and women throughout history who knew they wouldn’t reach their greatest goals and dreams without a mentor to transform their fullest potential into reality.

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How Mentoring can help you overcome your self imposed limitations?



Research-Backed Reasons to Seek a Mentor. Much research has been done on the powerful effects a mentor can have on your life and career.

Here’s a brief summary of findings from dozens of studies on mentorship.

People who get mentored:

  • Get paid more
  • Get promoted faster, and more often
  • Feel more committed to and satisfied with their careers
  • Have higher expectations of career advancement
  • Experience more positive feelings about their workplaces
  • Get along better with leadership
  • Know where their organizations are heading – they are part of the conversation, not left out on the side lines

If you want all that, then you want a mentor. Only one question needs to be answered:

“Who is the right person to mentor me?”

To find out if that person is me, click the button below and I’ll explain my mentoring process and all the details you need to help you decide.


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3 Reasons Why People Don’t Get Mentored

Almost every person in the world who you admire for their accomplishments has been mentored by someone. There are exceptions of course, but this is what highly successful people do.

When you ask people why they don’t get mentored, you’ll likely get one of three answers (though hardly anyone will admit to the first one, even though it’s actually the most honest answer for many):

1. Pride

“I don’t need help. I can do this myself.”

That’s the spirit of self-reliance, and it’s a career-killing, life-stalling, potential-limiting monster that devours many. The truth is, everyone needs help if they really want to reach their highest goals and dreams.

How do you overcome that voice of pride that tries to convince you that, all by yourself, “you got this”?

You just have to step right over it, face the unknown, and go get a mentor. Don’t listen to any voice that tells you otherwise.

2. Money

Look again at the research summary above. People who get mentored make more money than those who don’t. What’s a simpler way to say that?

Your investment will pay off.

Being mentored is one of the single best long term investments you can make.

Just ask Chris Van Der Merwe, who first heard me speak while attending Colston’s School in the UK, and had this to say afterward:

“Since your visit, I have already made changes to my life in the hope of achieving new success. There was much within your presentation with which I could compare to my life, the fear and uncertainty of rising above millions of people with the same aims and goals in life, and would like to thank you for spreading your message of achieving personal success. You have already made a difference in my life and I hope your influence does not end after only one brief encounter.”

Chris didn’t stop there. He sought me out and allowed me to mentor him through university and into his early career. He now works in a lucrative banking position, and credits his time being mentored by me as the most pivotal period in his life.

3. Time

Time is tight. I get it. If you saw my schedule you would know I well I get it. But you know what?

You only have one life, and being mentored is the fastest, smartest, and surest pathway toward living your life to the fullest. What else could be more worth your time than that?

The easiest decision you could possibly make is simply to find out what it’s like to be mentored by me.

There is no cost and zero risk to asking questions and getting information.

If you’re looking for a mentor and are searching for the right person, click the button below to find out if I’m the best one for you. And even if I’m not, I know a few other great people I may be able to recommend.

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