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One-Day Course Helps Entrepreneurs Master the In-Demand Skills of Presenting Online Using Group Meetings, Video, Webinars, and Podcasts


As we head into a less certain future, giving in-person presentations in front of live audiences is just one skillset you need to master if you want to grow your business through trainings, coaching, and consulting.

For your business to keep thriving and growing, you also must become a skilled online presenter.

You must learn how to effortlessly utilize tools and platforms for webinars, online group meetings, podcasts, videos, and the PowerPoints that often support them.

More and more, your business and marketing will depend on using online presentation tools like these. Online presentations will eventually become part of the lifeblood of your business.

And now, you can learn everything you need to know about making killer online presentations in one day.

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Everyone Is Doing It (But Most Do It BADLY)

The problem with online trainings, webinars, podcasts, and videos is that although many businesses are moving in this direction, many are doing it poorly.

As you work on mastering live audience presentation skills by taking our other courses, you must learn how to transfer those skills into online presentations. But it isn’t easy. Audience engagement is everything.

How Online Presentations Differ from Live Audience Presentations

Training, teaching, coaching, and leading through digital meetings and courses is harder, not easier, especially if you have an ambitious goal such as making sales, collecting hot leads you can follow up, and forging strong personal connections to build your network.

Here are six reasons why online presentations are harder than live ones:


Online Audience

Live Audience

Other things compete with you for your listeners’ attention

You have your listeners’ full attention

It’s easy to just click the ‘off’ button

They can’t silence you unless they get up and walk out

You can be muted without them knowing it

They pretty much have to listen

Your listeners can ‘multi-task,’ which means they aren’t really listening

They can try to multi-task, but it’s less likely because most of them paid or signed up to be there, and then traveled. Higher commitment = more attention

The digital divide makes it harder to connect with an audience

Being on stage gives you authority, and you can connect using eye contact, body language, and all the tools you can learn as you find your stage voice

Trust is harder to establish

On stage is the easiest place to earn trust because you have inherent authority


What does all this mean?

Online courses and presentations are hard to use as an effective sales and business growth tool!

But it is a skill you must master, because more and more business presentations, marketing, and trainings will be heading online.

You must learn how to grab and hold an audience’s attention, build trust, and motivate them to take action – from across the digital divide.

You must master the tools and the technology as well. But frankly, the tech is the easy part. That’s why so many are doing online presentations badly. They film themselves with an iPhone, post it on Youtube, and think their job is done.

If you want to build a business, make sales, grow your network, attract leads, and stay relevant, you need much more skill than that.

Become a master online presenter.


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