School alone cannot prepare you. Not for this.

The 10 habits inside this book from author, entrepreneur, philanthropist, mentor, coach, speaker and dream-launcher Jillian Haslam, will empower you to enter you new workplace with fearless confidence and a healthy perspective on work, professional relationships, and leadership.

It is a must-have asset for every new graduate planning a business or corporate career.

With these 10 habits, you an be a leader others want to follow. Resilient after mishaps. Liberated from your past.

You can be happy and successful at work.

Using stories from her own career, outside research, and other experts and artists, Jillian reveals the habits the lead to corporate success and the deep satisfaction and confidence that comes with it.



To write your own destiny, build your own business, take risks and achieve dreams, and live a life of fulfilment, influence, purpose, and accomplishment, you must train your mind to be different from its natural bent toward passive participation.

Here’s a couple examples of dream-destroying mind-traps:

#1: Thinking this will be easier than it is

#3: Believing emotions are bad

#4: Being boring

#5: Letting your background hold you back

These and six other mind-traps will encase your mind, will, and heart behind locked iron doors.

Can you see why?

Emotions help you connect with yourself and others. They give you something to talk about other than bullet points, mission statements, and org charts. They reveal your humanity, your values, and your passions. Denying and suppressing emotions removes half of what makes you who you are.

Being boring prevents you from engaging an audience through story, which is the most powerful tool we have to get and hold people’s attention.

Holding yourself back because of mistakes or hardships from your past only deprives a desperate world from the story you have to tell and the answers you have for their own struggles or needs.

Whatever you really want to do with your life, there is someone out there who needs you to succeed. They need what you have.

Want to learn how to break free?

Your first step is simple.


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