How to Find Your Voice

  • How to never again be afraid, nervous, or stressed in front of an audience
  • The foundation of all great presentations – being yourself
  • How to read an audience
  • Secrets of body language – how to use all 5 senses
  • Vocal strategies that sustain attention and engage the listeners
  • The surprising truth about making eye contact with an entire audience
  • Advanced techniques of persuasion
  • Capitalizing on your strengths and skills – knowing what you can and cannot do
  • And so much more


You’re a smart, accomplished, successful business person or entrepreneur. You got there through hard work, commitment, and a refusal to quit.

But there’s one critical business skill they don’t teach you in school, and that hardly anyone in the professional sphere has mastered:

How to effectively engage an audience during a business presentation or meeting.

We’ve all sat through seminars taught by luminaries and leaders in our fields, whose presentations have about as much excitement as a ceiling tile. The same tile you keep staring at, waiting for this boring presentation to be over.

The scary thought is, if you were up there presenting about your business or industry – would it be any better?

It should be.



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