The Ultimate Business Machine

  • Evaluating your core idea – is it viable, profitable, in-demand?
  • Setting goals that align with your mission and values (you do know your mission and values, right?)
  • Developing emotional intelligence – resilience (you’re gonna need it!)
  • Real world marketing: How to tailor ideas to your specific target audience
  • How to innovate without making 5 common mistakes that can ruin everything
  • The Pain and Gain strategy for product and brand development
  • How to use diversity to your advantage – cross-cultural people management
  • Creating a system to motivate your employees with responsibility, not just money
  • And so much more…


The Ultimate Business Machine shows you the steps it takes to turn a business idea into reality. The questions you must answer. The self-awareness you must develop. The processes you must master. The mistakes you must avoid.


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