Start Living Your Most Extraordinary Life!

“Captivating … awe-inspiring … a truly inspirational speaker”


Ready for your wake-up call? The truth is everyone has within them the ability to become extraordinary and it doesn’t require exceptional talent or skill to realise that potential, just the right mindset and words of encouragement.

Jillian, with her warmth, inspirational words and her truly engaging way of speaking, will help you develop that mindset. She will wake you up and get you excited about the future and what you can accomplish in it.

In all Jillian’s studies into neurology and how the mind works, she learnt so much to help herself. Now she wants to share all those discoveries with other people – for their benefit. In sharing details of her story, she shows others how to learn the right steps and find the ideal path to their own Irrepressible Mind. As numerous highly satisfied audience members have said, “If only I’d known all that earlier!”

Spend some highly valuable time with Jillian and you’ll learn:

  • It’s not what happens to you, but how you decide to deal with it
  • How to become truly ‘irrepressible’
  • How to embrace your uniqueness and individuality and use them to your advantage in the future
  • Why ‘never give up’ and other inspirational sayings are a waste of time and what you really should be paying attention to and doing if you want to succeed today
  • Why ‘a lack of…’ need not hold us down and how to ask for the help we need
  • And much, much more

Don’t sleepwalk through life, or worse, allow yourself to be too afraid to pursue your real goals and desires. Let Jillian’s story of her life in India and how she overcame her struggles inspire you to take action on improving your own life, at work and at home.

Jillian will teach you how to develop an ‘Irrepressible Mind’ that you need to push past your fears and overcome whatever adversity you face.

People who have listened to Jillian have been able to then take some truly amazing steps forward in their lives (see testimonials page). They have recognised that she is the motivational speaker of choice. Invite her to your event and you could be next!

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