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 Greatness – How do we get to the next level of greatness?

Why do employees lose motivation and switch jobs?
Why do students give up?
Why do so many marriages and relationships fail?
Why do business ideas die, often before they even begin?

Why do people give up on achievable goals, hopes, and dreams?

Jillian Haslam knows something about giving up.

Whatever challenges and discouragements you or your people are facing, she can empathize. She can speak to the issue behind the discouragement – the true motivator that makes you want to give up.

“Never give up” is an overused cliché. Why? Because failure happens. The reason people give up is because they don’t respond to failure in a way that keeps them on the path to growth, success, joy, and achieving their goals and dreams.

Jillian Haslam knows something about failure.

When you learn about the poverty, disease, death, and abuse she and her family faced as a child growing up in India, you’ll quickly understand that when she talks about triumphing over the hard realities of life, it is all from visceral personal experience. There is no theory with Jillian Haslam.

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Find out what Jillian learned at just 7 years old when she refused to give up, even when failure was almost assured, and would mean the death of her baby sister.

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Jillian Haslam knows something about the joy of success.

Jillian will motivate and inspire you and your people like no one else in the world. Because her story is unlike anyone else’s story, so is her perspective on what it takes to succeed, reach goals, live the life you want, and look hardship and tragedy in the eye without letting it defeat you.

Whatever you need to hear the most, she will deliver in one of her top motivational talks below. She can also adapt and narrow these to fit your specific audience if necessary

Corporate Speech Titles

  • An ‘Irrepressible’ Mind
  • When lightening strikes (Dealing with midlife crisis)
  • A Mentor changed my life
  • A Winning Hand
  • How to Get to the Best Version of You
  • Greatness Starts with Recognising Your Own Strengths
  • Questioning your past and map your future
  • Getting to the Next Level of Greatness
  • Have you lived your life the wrong way round?
  • 10 Mind-Traps that keep aspiring Self-Starters from launching
    & achieving their greatest dreams.

Educational Speech Titles

  • Ask for Help
  • Accept Your Start but Not Your End
  • Helping Ordinary People to do Extraordinary Things
  • How Humility & Resilience go hand-in-hand
  • Why Fear Holds us down
  • The Power of Resilience
  • A Perfect Blend
  • The 10 values that every parent wants for their child
  • Secrets to Progression they won’t teach you at business school
  • The 10 Habits that will Accelerate Corporate Success for Fresh Graduates
  • How to find your voice and make a lasting IMPACT on the world.

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Watch Jillian’s 20 Minute Tedx Talk Video

When a woman and her kids get trapped in a terrible car accident, find out what she had to do if she wanted her kids and herself to make it.

Jillian’s life message of triumph over extreme adversity and poverty resonates like no other. Her message of success isn’t just about financial wealth and the usual self-focused motivations. It’s about a genuine personal transformation that will make the world a better place.

You will be a better influence on the people around you.
You will see things differently.
You will do things differently.
You will believe differently about yourself and others.

Learn why you don’t have to quit, drop out, or fail in the big decisions of life, no matter how hard it gets. Stop pretending you can do it all yourself. You can’t. Learn about the limitless value of asking for help, persistently, until you get what you need. And, don’t be afraid of failure.

When failure happens, it means you’re just one step closer to success. But it all depends in how you respond.

Jillian Haslam is:

Business Motivational Speaker in Any Industry

Join the ever-growing list of companies who have watched their cultures transform through Jillian’s delivery, including Bank of America, Barclays, McDonalds, and JP Morgan.

Here’s what Pramilla Patel from the Royal Bank of Scotland said after hearing Jillian:

“Jillian is a very special individual with a unique gift of helping people. She listens and identifies with people and often senses what others are feeling. Her humility is astonishing and it makes all the difference. She builds trust and inspires you to reflect and come to your own conclusions on the path you need to take. If you want to succeed in life, you’ve got to have Jillian as a life coach or a trainer.”

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Corporate and Conference Speaker and Beyond

Jillian speaks at conferences of all sizes, before audiences large and small, and to all different kinds of people.

After the Advantage Woman conference, here’s what founder Lenka Lutonska reported about the response of her attendees to Jillian:

The following morning my inbox was flooded with praise and gratitude from women that were in attendance! Jillian does not ‘just motivate’, she inspires. She does not ‘just talk’, she lives and breathes her vision of changing the world for the better. Hire Jillian to talk at your event. Seek opportunity to hear her keynote speech. Read her book. Do it now! She will change your life forever.”

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Motivational Speaker for Schools in UK, India, Around the World

Jillian has spoken at dozens of schools and universities. Your students – particularly your female students – need to meet her and hear her story before they graduate. Don’t let them miss out!

Here’s what Alice Blanc from Kings College in London said after Jillian spoke there:

All the tragedies Jillian and her family had to go through were more than we can even think about, but these are what made her who she is today: an inspiring woman. Her story is akin to that of Job in the Old Testament in the sense that every calamity seems to have crossed her path but she never doubted that she could make something of her life.”

Do you want your students to meet someone like this? The forward-thinking, value-building self-confidence that Jillian will impart to your students will stay with them the rest of their lives.

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There’s nothing more crippling than fear.

Fear comes from many places. But it only has power if you let it affect how you make decisions, the goals you set, and how you respond to setbacks and failures.

Bring Jillian Haslam to speak to you and your people, and rediscover how life is supposed to be lived.

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