IMPACT Course Series – The Ultimate Business Machine

Set Yourself Up for Money-Making Autonomy in This
One-Day Business Planning Training Workshop


It’s time to get serious about your business idea.

Ideas are easy. Good ideas are a bit harder. But any idea unattempted is nothing but a wish.

You want to start something new. Be your own boss. Take control of your income, your schedule, and your life. You have an idea and you are ready to turn it into a real, thriving, profit-generating, life-changing business.

But how? What are the steps? What if you miss something critical in the early stages that costs you dearly later?

The Ultimate Business Machine shows you the steps it takes to turn a business idea into reality. The questions you must answer. The self-awareness you must develop. The processes you must master. The mistakes you must avoid.

It’s Your Business.
Build It Right.

Take the One-Day Business Planning Course:

The Ultimate
Business Machine

*this course comes with a free book.

The Plans you must make.If you have an unrealized business idea, this training is for you. If you’ve already jumped into entrepreneurship only to discover this is a lot harder than you realized, this training is for you. For any entrepreneur at any point in the early stages, the Ultimate Business Machine should shoot to the top of your Must-Do-Now list.In this one-day business startup training, you’ll work with award-winning entrepreneur, speaker, and author Jillian Haslam. She will help you work through critical business startup tasks such as:

  • How to create multiple sources of income
  • How to write a book and get it to the top
  • Evaluating your core idea – is it viable, profitable, in-demand?
  • Setting goals that align with your mission and values (you do know your mission and values, right?)
  • Developing emotional intelligence – resilience (you’re gonna need it!)
  • Real world marketing: How to tailor ideas to your specific target audience
  • How to innovate without making 5 common mistakes that can ruin everything
  • The Pain and Gain strategy for product and brand development
  • How to use diversity to your advantage – cross-cultural people management
  • Creating a system to motivate your employees with responsibility, not just money
  • And so much more…

In just one day, you will learn what would normally take months to figure out on your own by plowing through blogs and business development online courses.

Do you want to start your business? For real? This decade? Or do you want to keep dragging it out because you’re not sure what to do first?

The Ultimate Business Machine is what to do first. The ‘P’ in IMPACT is for Planning, and this workshop will walk you through the steps of planning your business startup.

It is THE business startup workshop for every entrepreneur who is ready to jump into the fray, get their hands dirty, start building something they can call their own, and achieve financial freedom.


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