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No one is capable of listening and not learning. No one can listen and not re-evaluate their lives. The story of her life has sold over 150,000 books - and is currently being turned into a Hollywood film. The positive impact she has had has been prominently covered by the media all over the world.
Can you afford not to listen?

Some Clients:

Help Those around You Develop an ‘Irrepressible Mind’

…so they can overcome challenges and achieve greater success!

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Jillian Haslam is a professional keynote speaker … a published author … a successful businesswoman… a philanthropist … with a unique story that inspires her audience to overcome whatever struggles they face and become truly extraordinary!

With her forthcoming book and presentation, “The Irrepressible Mind,” Jillian’s inspirational stories create a unique blueprint that anyone can follow to push past their fears and overcome adversity.

Accept your starting point …but not your destination!
Jillian can help those at your organization or you personally. Some of her keynote speeches include:

  • An Irrepressible Mind

  • The power to overcome adversity

  • Why fear holds us down

  • Persistence pays

  • Determination to succeed

  • Learn to develop a winning hand out of whatever cards you have been dealt

  • Embrace your uniqueness and individuality and use them to your advantage in the future

  • Discover why ‘never give up’ and other inspirational sayings are a waste of time — learn what you really should be paying attention to and doing if you want to succeed today

Jillian in Action


If you want to do your job better … if you want to be happier in your life … if you want to become more focused on what you need to do to achieve greater success … you need to hear what Jillian has to say.

She is a dynamic keynote speaker who is no stranger to challenges. Her childhood was filled with extreme poverty, malnutrition and disease. It was a time in which she saw four siblings die and she, herself, experienced appalling instances of racist abuse.

Yet from those terrible beginnings, Jillian has achieved amazing success, rising first through the ranks in banking to becoming a highly sought-after speaker and author. Her book, ‘Indian. English.’ has sold copies well into six figures and the rights to film her book have been bought by a Hollywood production company.

Today, as one of the UK’s top motivational speakers, Jillian specializes in using positive thinking to help others overcome the struggles they face – whether large or small, at work or at home – so that they can achieve higher levels of professional success and personal satisfaction.

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